Tatiana Suarez x Amliv Sotomayor Collaboration , Pre-Order

$35.00 - $50.00
Tatiana Suarez x Amliv Sotomayor Collaboration , Pre-Order

Happy Valentine's Day <3

I am beyond thrilled to bring you guys this long awaited collaboration with my favorite artist, Tatiana Suarez!

At 2.3 tall and beautiful detailing in gold. It is the first collaboration withTatiana Suarez aka @tatunga on instagram and it is the perfect gift for yourself or the one you love that loves art. The LE run comes stamped with edition size 1/250 and variant is only 1/100. Logos from each artists will be added to the back for authenticity, as well as both artists signatures on backing with that contains the original artwork for the pin.

No re-prints on this particular collaboration.*

But Amliv, pre-orders? If you've bought pins from me in the past, you know that pre-orders are necessary because certain enamel pins collaborations are expensive to make and proceeds from those pre-orders goes directly into funding the project.
Pre-orders can take approximately 15-30 days in production. Per usual, I assemble all pins myself and ship out in large batches, all myself. So please, keep this in mind when ordering and making a purchase if you're in a rush. I usually announce when the enamel pins come in on my instagram.com/amlivsotomayor page.

Proceeds of this pin are split between Tatiana Suarez & myself. Thank you for your support, always!

If you are part of my pin-club on Patreon.com/Amliv your pin is secure. Variants are not included in the club. Just the LE edition.

*For 24 hour shipping on other enamel pins, please check out my www.etsy.com/shop/amlivsotomayor*